Legal New York Olympic Betting

Olympic BettingAs one of the biggest gambling states in the US, NY is projected to turn a record handle for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. That said, if you’d like to participate in legal New York Olympic betting, you can’t just walk into a local casino (or cross the bridge into Atlantic City) and put money on all the events. Due to various federal laws, you’ll instead have to join an Internet-based offshore sportsbook like SportsBetting, BetOnline, or another top-tier brand.

Because these sportsbooks are outside of US jurisdiction, they can freely offer the full gamut of Las Vegas-style Olympic betting odds, and you can put as much (or as little) cash on whatever sports you wish. Remember, the Winter Games come only once every four years, so if you want to take part in this unique betting experience, you should sign up at a legal online sportsbook ASAP.

Legal New York Olympic Betting Sites

Once you’re a member at any of the legal New York Olympic betting sites, you’ll be able to wager on every event of the PyeongChang Winter Games, from common events like Hockey and the Halfpipe to oddball stuff like Curling and Skeleton racing. Of course, no matter how many events you bet on, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your legal online sportsbook is safe, secure, and backed by a 100% service guarantee.

Best Legal New York Olympic Betting Sites

The best legal New York betting sites for wagering on the Olympic are the usual suspects: SportsBetting, BetOnline, 5Dimes, BetDSI, and BookMaker. Unfortunately, America’s most popular online sportsbook, Bovada, is currently unavailable to NY residents, though that won’t hinder eager Olympics bettors from getting in on the action. After all, the other top sites each do business in the state and offer just as many PyeongChang odds as Bovada. (Or Las Vegas, for that matter.)

SportsBetting - Legal New York Olympic Betting

SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting is one of the top online sportsbooks serving the New York area. As such, legal New York Olympic betting at SportsBetting is a first-class experience, and no other book rivals the deposit and withdrawal options – or the betting boards – that SportsBetting has to offer NY residents. Sign up now to wager on the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and you can receive a 75% Welcome Bonus of up to $1000 to help you win big. (Also worth noting: SportsBetting is the only legal NY sportsbook that accepts American Express.)


BetOnline Sportsbook100% Bitcoin Bonus For Olympic Betting

BetOnline is one of the original Internet sports betting sites, and it’s been serving NY residents for many years. With comprehensive deposit and withdrawal options, BetOnline makes it easy for NY residents to wager on the PyeongChang Winter Games. With their top-notch odds menus, legal New York Olympic betting at BetOnline promises to be a smooth experience. And with BetOnline’s 50% Welcome Bonus worth up to $2500 in free plays, it promises to be a profitable one, too.

Legal New York Olympic Betting FAQs

Can I Be Arrested For Betting On The Olympics In New York?

Even though sports betting is nominally “illegal” on US soil, you cannot be arrested for betting on the Olympics in New York provided you stick with a reputable offshore sportsbook (SportsBetting, BetOnline, 5Dimes, etc.) to handle all your transactions. Wagering with these Internet betting shops is 100% within the law.

Should I Use A Local Bookie For My New York Olympic Betting?

While you’ll have little trouble finding one, you definitely should not use a local bookie for your New York Olympic betting needs. Though it isn’t overtly illegal for you to place bets with such a person, it is overtly illegal for someone on US soil to accept a commercial sports bet. Stick to the offshore books if you want to stay overtly legal.

When Is The Best Time To Place My Legal New York Olympic Bets?

Unlike most professional American sports, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics tend not to offer much in the way of live in-game betting, so once an event gets underway, all betting is typically closed. Additionally, the odds don’t change all that much (barring injury) between the various disciplines’ various heats, so the best time to place your legal New York Olympic bets is universally between about a day and an hour before the event.

How Do I Deposit Into My Legal New York Olympic Betting Sportsbook?

Payment options are a pressing issue when it comes to choosing your betting shop, so you’ll definitely want to know how to deposit into your legal New York Olympic betting sportsbook. Fortunately, SportsBetting and BetOnline (and others) all take credit and debit cards, which transfer your funds instantaneously. (Note: SportsBetting is the only NY sportsbook that accepts American Express.) Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are also good options for quick transfers.

How Do I Withdraw My Legal New York Olympic Betting Payouts?

Once you’ve won big (or small), you’ll need to think about how to withdraw your legal New York Olympic betting payouts. Since credit/debit chargebacks are not usually an option and because checks and bank wires take up to two weeks to clear, you’ll probably want to pick Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin to process and transfer your PyeongChang Winter Olympics winnings.