Legal New York Super Bowl Betting

Legal New York Super Bowl BettingLegal New York Super Bowl betting brings in billions of dollars to sportsbooks each year, with the number steadily rising each year. Many sports fans are able to get in on their cut of the action by placing strategic wagers throughout the Super Bowl. Whether you are betting on the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, or whichever NFC and AFC team make it to the championship, there is money up for grabs. Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of Super Bowl bets, many of which you can wager on well before the main event actually takes place. The best part of betting on the Super Bowl in New York is that you do not ever have to cross state lines and travel to Vegas. Online sportsbooks are the easiest option for legal New York Super Bowl betting.

You may be unfamiliar with how legal New York Super Bowl betting works online, and you aren’t alone. There are numerous NY sports betting sites and it can be hard to know which sites to trust or how to go about placing wagers on the championship game. Learning the various types of Super Bowl wagers is your first step, and you should also become familiar with a few laws. Once you understand the legality of betting on NFL games, you will have no problem joining the online sportsbooks of your choice for legal New York Super Bowl betting.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl Online In NY?

You can legally bet on the Super Bowl online in New York at any reputable sports betting site. As long as you do not use a local bookie to bet on the Super Bowl, you will be in the clear. All of the legitimate New York sports betting sites are based offshore and are regulated by their local gaming authority. The state of NY does not have any laws that prohibit residents from betting at overseas sports betting sites. Laws such as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) limit land-based sports betting, while the Wire Act was originally enacted as an anti-racketeering law. New York is one of the states that has been a proponent of sports betting, with several proposed pieces of legislation and a constitutional amendment that could lead to more Super Bowl wagering options in-state. For now, you can trust in using online books for legal New York Super Bowl betting.

Best Legal Deposit Method For Super Bowl Betting

The best legal deposit method for Super Bowl betting in New York is bitcoin. With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) preventing banks from processing certain payment methods for online gambling, it has made it for difficult to have credit card deposits approved. That is why though credit card deposits are still a legal option, bitcoin is the more reliable sportsbook deposit method. Depending on the site, you can deposit anywhere from $10 to $25,000 in bitcoin without any deposit fees. Bitcoin transactions are completed within minutes, and you never have to worry about the transaction getting declined.

Legal Super Bowl Wager Types

A big part of legal New York Super Bowl betting is learning the different wager types. Luckily, no matter which online sportsbooks that you choose to use the bet types will be the same. Though there are plenty of exotics that more experienced bettors will use, you should first learn the three basic Super Bowl wager types - moneyline, point spread, and total bets. We will give you an overview of each, along with a few examples.


You may also see this type of wager called a side or straight bet. Betting on the moneyline means that you are betting on which team will win the Super Bowl outright. A moneyline bet might look like this:

To bet on the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl, you would win $275 with a $100 wager. A wager on the opposing side would require a $350 stake to potentially win $100.


Spread betting is one of the more popular legal New York Super Bowl betting options. The oddsmaker will assign a number of points that will offer an advantage to the underdog and a disadvantage to the favorite in order to attract action on both sides. In order to cover the spread, the favorite will need to win by more than the margin, while the underdog must lose by less than the margin. Let’s say that the Giants are +3.5 point underdogs to the Baltimore Ravens. In order to cover the spread, the Giants would need to lose by no more than 3 points or win outright. The -3 favored Ravens would need to win the game by more than 4 points to cover the spread.


Totals betting is where you bet on the total number of points scored in the Super Bowl. The bookmaker will assign a certain number of combined points to be scored by both teams, and you will bet on whether the total will go over or under.

For this bet, you would pick the Buffalo Bills if you wanted to wager on the Super Bowl going over 52 points. If you believed that both teams would score less than 52 points combined, bet on the New York Giants.

Understanding Super Bowl Prop Bets

Legal New York Super Bowl BettingWhen it comes to legal Super Bowl betting in New York, you will find the most wagering options in the props section of your favorite sportsbook. Props are based on certain scenarios rather than the final score of the game. That is why you can find props on just about anything if you shop at several different sportsbooks.

Team Props

Team proposition bets are based on how one team performs during the Super Bowl. You will find props based how certain aspects of the overall team performance, such as the longest field goal distance or if their first play of the game will be a touchdown. During the Super Bowl, you may see some of the NFL team props that are listed below:

Player Props

Player props are similar to team props, except they focus on the performance of a specific player. These props are ideal for fans that keep track of stats and records for their favorite players, as bookmakers often post these bets without as much research as they would for standard game lines. Throughout the Super Bowl, there will be player props for the majority of players on each team. Here are some of the more popular Super Bowl player props:

Novelty Props

You will find that there are hundreds of novelty prop bets during the Super Bowl, which are mostly posted for an entertainment factor. These bets are not related to how either team actually performs in the game, but more so the events surrounding the game. Novelty bets can be fun, but don’t get wrapped up in making a sucker bet.

Live In-Game Wagering

Live in-game wagering makes legal New York Super Bowl betting even more exciting. With live betting odds, the bookmaker updates odds during the Super Bowl. After each play, you will find that the odds have been changed to reflect the latest action in the game. Some of the betting options will include quarter lines, first half spreads, odd/even props, player props, totals, and more. Sites like BetOnline and SportsBetting have live betting platforms that will alert you when a line is about to change, and even tell you which direction the odds shifted.

Mobile Betting On The Super Bowl

Legal New York Super Bowl BettingLegal New York Super Bowl betting is even more convenient with mobile sports betting sites. All of the sites that you would use for online sports betting also have easy to use mobile platforms. You can visit a site like BetOnline from your iPhone or tablet and be automatically redirected to the mobile sportsbook. The same account essentials are available, such as deposits, bonuses, and withdrawals. Access your bet slip from the navigation menu and make multiple Super Bowl bets. Mobile betting on the Super Bowl allows you to bet on the biggest NFL game of the year from anywhere.

Best Legal New York Super Bowl Betting Sites

The best legal New York Super Bowl betting sites have three things in common- reliable banking, big bonuses, and the latest betting odds. You should always look for sportsbooks that have quick and easy deposit methods so that you can start wagering right away. Bonuses are essentially free money to wager with, but always make sure that you can meet any of the special terms and conditions like rollovers. A site that gets odds earlier than competitors is always a plus because there is often added value. The site that recommends for legal New York Super Bowl betting is BetOnline, though you can always join multiple online sportsbooks.


BetOnline Sportsbook100% Bitcoin Bonus For Super Bowl Betting

BetOnline Sportsbook is all about betting on your favorite sports, with NFL football being one of the most popular categories. That is why the sports betting site should be your #1 choice for legal New York Super Bowl betting. BetOnline has Super Bowl props and futures in addition to moneyline, total, and spread bets for the actual matchup. One of the first sites to post Super Bowl betting lines, you can always find value on the odds at BetOnline.

You can bet on the Super Bowl with bitcoin, which happens to be one of the most reliable currencies for sports betting. Bitcoin deposits are fast, and you can deposit a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $25,000. When you use code BTC2017, you can have your first bitcoin deposit matched by 100% for up to $1,000. Your bonus is applied instantly and can be used for any Super Bowl bets that you want to make.