How To Bet On The Buffalo Bills

When the Bills are winning, things are definitely going good in Buffalo... not just for the team but also for the fans that like to make bets on Bills games. Betting isn't for everyone, only the fans that really know the game. If you're new to football, we recommend sticking to single-game spread betting, single-game straight betting, and futures betting (where you simply put money on the Bills to win the Super Bowl).

Bet On The Buffalo BillsHere, you will find everything you have wanted to know when it comes to betting on the Buffalo Bills. Find out about game odds, props, futures and more, and learn where to bet on Buffalo if you live in the Empire State. gives you a few of the best options in terms of legal online, offshore sportsbooks that offer Buffalo Bills betting lines, and we explain the basics for all of your various sports wagering options.

Those living in NY and looking to bet on Bills games will have no trouble doing so provided they go with an esteemed, highly-rated sports betting site that operates overseas, outside of New York and US legal jurisdictions. There are game odds for every Bills game on the weekly schedule at these award-winning sites, and if you join several, you can shop around for the best values week in and week out.

Best Sites For Wagering On Bills Games

BetOnline and SportsBetting are our top online sportsbooks for betting on the Buffalo Bills, but all of the top-tier books serving NY bettors are great choices for folks from all over the Empire State. Every one of the major offshore sports betting sites offer tons of odds on every Buffalo Bills matchup, and you can’t go wrong with any of these award-winning services.

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Betting on the Bufallo Bills

Buffalo Bills Straight Bets – Straight bets are straightforward bets, and you might have heard them referred as straight-up or straight moneyline wagers, depending on where you’ve seen such postings. With straight betting, you simply pick a winner or loser, and the moneyline – aka the bet’s price tag – will tell you which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog. The moneyline also tells you how much you stand to win on any given wager (and all wager types include moneylines for this reason).

  • Buffalo Bills +175 at New England Patriots -225

In this bet, if you pick the underdog Bills to win, you will earn $175 for every $100 wagered. If you pick the Pats, you will win $100 for every $225 wagered. These are not wagering minimums by the way, as most offshore NY sportsbooks will accept Jets wagers of as low as $0.50.

Buffalo Bills Spread Bets – The spread bet is the most commonly-cited wager type on television. A spread offers the sportsbook a way to handicap the game, balancing out the action on both sides of the wager. For spread betting, favorites have to win by a certain number of points to win for betting purposes, while teams that lose the game can win the wager if they “cover” the spread (i.e. lose by fewer than the allotted points or win outright).

  • Miami Dolphins +6.5 (-110) at Buffalo Bills -6.5 (-110)

Here, the Fins are 6.5-point underdogs. They can lose the game by up to 6 points and still win the wager. The Bills, meanwhile, are 6.5-point favorites, so in order for them to win the wager, they’d have to beat the Dolphins by 7 or more points. The -110 moneyline mean that bets on both sides “cost” the same to select.

Buffalo Bills Totals Bets – Totals betting is the last of the “big three” wager types that you’ll see at all the top offshore sportsbooks. Totals betting isn’t concerned with winners or losers. Instead, you’re simply wagering on whether or not both teams’ combined score will add up to be greater than (“over”) or lesser than (“under”) the number published by your sportsbook.

  • New York Jets at Buffalo Bills O/U 44.5 (-110)

Here, if the Jets and Bills combine to score more than 44 points in their game, the “over” wins. If they combine to score less than 44 points in the contest, the “under” wager wins.

Buffalo Bills Player Prop Bets

In addition to the game lines, you will find a variety of props formed every week for Bills games. One type of prop is a Bills player prop. These props give individual players certain odds to achieve particular performances in a given game. Check out an example of what a Bills player prop wager might look like at your New York sportsbook of choice:

Buffalo Bills - Player Prop Examples

Josh Allen Total TDs vs. New England Patriots

  • Over 2.5 TDs (-110)
  • Under 2.5 TDs (-110)

This prop asks whether Bills QB Josh Allen will have 3 or more TDs (“over”) or 2 or fewer TDs (“under”) versus the New England Patriots. While you will also find props for Josh Allen’s passing TDs, it’s important to note the difference. With this prop, it doesn’t matter whether Allen throws for TDs or rushes for TDs. Make sure you pay attention to the prop specifics whenever you decide to wager on such.

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Buffalo Bills Team Prop Bets

Like player props for the Bills, team props also cover a lot of different single-game statistical outcomes, and you can see many of them formed weekly. Check out an example below.

Buffalo Bills - Team Prop Examples

Buffalo Bills Total Number Of Penalties vs. Miami Dolphins

  • Over 7.5 Total Penalties (-110)
  • Under 7.5 Total Penalties (-110)

The proposition above simply asks whether Buffalo will be called for 8 or more penalties versus Miami or whether that total will be 7 or less infractions. Typically, declined penalties do not count towards these totals, as totals are based on the official NFL game stats. There is no favorite to win this wager, as both sides have been issued -110 moneyline odds (as close as you can get to a truly even wager, minus the sportsbook's commission).

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Live Betting On Buffalo Bills Games

If you are a New York-based bettor who is looking for a different kind of betting line or betting option, then live betting on the Bills might just be what you're looking for. Betting live on NFL games will feature a ton of different odds that pop up and expire on sportsbooks’ odds boards in real-time, as the Bills game is actually being played. The action comes and goes very fast, and there are hundreds of live betting opportunities in every single game. Live, in-game betting has quickly become the most popular way to bet on the Bills, and all the best offshore bookmakers support the fun feature. You can even participate in live wagering via mobile sports betting on your iPhone or Android device.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Buffalo Bills

Looking for odds on the Bills to win the Super Bowl before the season even kicks off? We have just the ticket for you: futures wagers! With futures betting, you can wager on lines like the Bills’ Super Bowl odds, AFC championship odds, and even division odds, all of which are available throughout the year. Futures odds can be great because the payouts are typically among the highest of any type of bet offered at a given sportsbook. We recommend these wagers for those unfamiliar with football or for those looking to get huge payouts. Futures bets are also great ways to “set it and forget it” when playing the odds boards at your favorite sportsbooks.

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