How To Bet On The New York Giants

Bet On The New York GiantsWhen it comes to the New York Giants, you can bet that a team which has won multiple Super Bowls – including a pair against perhaps the greatest player in NFL history – will have quite a following. And you’d be right. With sports betting legal in NY, wagering on the Giants is becoming increasingly popular as well. Indeed, betting on the NFL in general has never been more popular, and the New York sports scene is known for passionately following their teams. But like the Bronx Bombers, the G-Men transcend the NY sports market, with fans spread out all across the country and the world.

This page is dedicated to everything you’ll need to know about the basics for betting on the Giants, no matter where in the US your non-football life takes you. That’s because, on Sunday afternoons every fall, we’re all in a New York state of mind. So if you’re looking to start betting on the New York Football Giants, we’re here to help you understand all the different kinds of odds that are out there, as well as how and where to wager on the Giants for maximum gains.

Best Sites For Wagering On Giants Games

There are a ton of online sportsbooks out there which will feature betting odds for the Giants and all of their games. But there are also online sportsbooks that are better than the rest. Whether it's in the types of lines offered, the sportsbook bonuses on hand, or the deposit methods available, all of these sportsbooks have something great to offer their players interested in betting online in New York or any other state in the country.

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Weekly Betting Odds For New York Giants Games

When it comes to wagering on any Giants game, there are several game lines that oddsmaker form, regardless of which sportsbook you use. There are three basic game lines for every game on the NFL schedule: the point spread, the straight moneyline, and the game total (aka the over/under). Once you master the three wager types, everything else will fall into place at your sports betting site of choice, as these common lines are the building blocks for everything else on the menu.

Giants Spread – When you’re reading a Giants point spread bet, you’ll see the G-Men with either a positive or negative number attributed to them. If you see a line that says Giants -7, that means that the Giants are 7-point favorites and must win the game by more than 7 points to win the bet. If you see a line like Giants +3, that means that the G-Men are 3-point underdogs, and they can lose the game by up to 2 points and still win the bet. (All spread bets also feature moneyline figures in parentheses, which denote the “cost” of the wager, which is what sportsbooks commonly call the “odds.”)

Giants Straight Moneyline Bet – When you bet the Giants straight-up, you’re making a straight moneyline wager. With straights, you’re simply picking which team you think will win. There is no handicapping, and the moneyline odds show how much each wager costs vs. how much it pays out. A negative moneyline number means that you pay that amount to win $100, while a positive moneyline number means that you win that much money on a $100 bet. That’s all there is to it!

Giants Over/Under Point Total - This is a betting line set for the total number of points scored between the Giants and whichever team they happen to be playing that given week. Typical NFL totals range from the low 40s to the high 50s. For example, if your sportsbook assigns a 42.5-point O/U in the Giants-Packers game, an “over” bet means you think the teams will score a combined 43 or more points by the final whistle, while an “under” bet means that you think the two teams will combine to score 42 points or fewer. This is why such bets are called “over/unders”.

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New York Giants Player Prop Bets

Player props for the Giants can definitely offer a very fun way to place wagers on the team. Player proposition wagers are performance-based bets and are typically formed for the key players at different skill positions. Check out a couple of the examples we have drawn up so you can see what Giants player props at your sportsbook of choice might look like:

New York Giants - Player Prop Examples

Daniel Jones Total Passing Touchdowns vs. Philadelphia Eagles

  • Over 2 Passing Touchdowns (-135)
  • Under 2 Passing Touchdowns (+115)

This is one example of a player prop wager for the Giants’ quarterback. The number of total passing TDs has been set at exactly two touchdown tosses. Three or more touchdowns takes the bet for the “over”, while one TD pass or fewer means the “under” takes the proposition. Exactly two TD passes from Jones and the result will be a push, wh ere the bettor gets their money back. In order for sportsbooks to prevent pushes, most props (and other wager types) will have half-points tacked on when posted to the odds boards.

Will Saquon Barkley Score A Touchdown vs. Dallas Cowboys?

  • Yes -220
  • No +145

This is a wager made on Giants running back Saquon Barkley and whether or not he will get in the endzone in the upcoming game against Dallas. One option is betting on 'Yes' which pays out -220. The other option is to wager that he won’t find pay dirt, which pays out at +145.

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New York Giants Team Prop Bets

Betting on team props is very similar to player prop betting, except that instead of just a single player’s statistical performance, team props are based on what the team is able to accomplish during the course of a game. Team props are typically broken up into offensive props, defensive props, and special teams props.

New York Giants - Team Prop Examples

New York Giants Total Takeaways vs. Washington Redskins

  • Over 1.5 Turnovers (-110)
  • Under 1.5 Turnovers (-110)

This is a betting line on how many turnovers the Giants will force against the Redskins. At 1.5, two or more turnovers will take the over, while one or fewer will go the under. This bet will only concern takeaways by the defense (not including fourth down stops), not other related statistics like turnover margin or similar.

New York Giants Total Yards From Scrimmage

  • Over 335.5 Yards (-110)
  • Under 335.5 Yards (-110)

Here, the team prop wager is on whether the New York Giants will accumulate more or fewer than 335 yards from scrimmage in their next scheduled contest. It’s pretty straightforward, and savvy bettors will use things like recent trends, YPG averages, and rivalry histories to come to a plausible conclusion before placing their wagers. For example, if the Giants are playing a top-rated run defense, given their rushing prowess and fading air attack game, you’d be wise to take the under. Reverse that, and the over makes more sense.

Live Betting On New York Giants Games

Betting live on sports has certainly taken off over the course of the last couple of years, especially in the NFL. Betting live on the Giants will be available during the season, though not every game is guaranteed to have live wagering options. But most sportsbooks do offer live betting, and those sportsbooks which do will have their own separate section for this specific flavor of wagering. There will be alternate game lines, props, and other various bets to be made on the Giants games that are offered by live betting. Live wagering on the NFL is one of the coolest new features to enjoy at any top offshore sports betting sites

Other Ways To Wager On The New York Giants

We've talked about many of the ways to bet on the Giants week-to-week with the various available game lines and prop odds, but there are other kinds of odds that are offered as well. There are futures betting odds for the Giants to win the Super Bowl, the NFC Championship, and the NFC East division. These odds are referred to as futures bets because they take place in the (comparatively distant) future, and are typically up all year long. In fact, you can find Super Bowl odds for the Giants right after the Super Bowl from the previous season comes to an end. Most books will post Super Bowl odds one year out from the big game, hyping the contest all year long!

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