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Schenectady SportsbooksYou’re probably thinking, hey, my favorite sport’s season is right around the corner and I heard that sports betting in New York is legal now. I’m going to go down to one of the Schenectady Sportsbooks and place a few bets on my favorite team. Which sounds all fine and good – but there are no Schenectady sportsbooks. At least, there are no land-based Schenectady sportsbooks for you to go to right now.

This might sound weird to you, and it is – New York legalized sports betting back in 2013, and the Supreme Court just removed all federal restrictions on state-operated sportsbooks, so why aren’t there any Schenectady Sportsbooks open? Well, because it’s not as simple as all that. But don’t worry – we’re here to explain everything you need to know in order to find Schenectady’s best sportsbooks.

We’ve broken down exactly what’s going on with the state of sports betting in New York, from the trials it’s overcome to the hurdles it still has to face in order to bring you brick and mortar Schenectady sportsbooks. We know that waiting for the government to get their stuff together takes time, which is why we’ve also gone ahead and looked at some alternative sports betting options for NY residents that are both safe and legal. I'll also let you in on a little trade secret - sometimes the best sportsbooks in Schenectady, New York aren’t the ones that are based out of that city.

But more on that later. Finally, once land-based books do open, you want to make sure you’re going down to the very best sportsbooks in Schenectady, NY, so we’ve gone ahead and previewed Schenectady’s sportsbooks so that you’ve got some idea of what you should expect to see once land-based sportsbooks in Schenectady open.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Schenectady?

So first we’ve got to answer the big question – is sports betting currently legal in Schenectady? The short answer is yes - sports betting in Schenectady is legal. That being said, you’re not going to find any land-based sportsbooks operating in the city. Why? Because instead of just passing regulations so that sports betting can get underway, even in a limited capacity, lawmakers decided to double down and attempt to expand sports betting, despite the fact that the governor essentially said: “hell no this isn’t going to pass we need more time to do research and things.”

Let me give you a clearer picture. Back in 2013, the state of New York passed an amendment to the state law that would allow for commercial casinos to open in four upstate cities – Schenectady being one of them. In this amendment, there was conditional verbiage that would allow for sportsbooks to operate out of these commercial casinos. The first condition being that federal restrictions had to be lifted before the state of New York could take any further action on sports betting, the second being that as soon as federal restrictions were lifted, lawmakers could create regulations and open their sportsbooks.

By now, we should all know that PASPA was lifted and that there is no longer any federal ban on sports betting. But instead of immediately getting to work on regulations for the four already legal sportsbooks in the state, lawmakers decided that they were going to put a hold on that and waste time attempting to expand sports betting. Basically, they tried to run before they could walk. Or even crawl.

This sounds like a soap opera, but this is essentially what happened during this past legislative session. And because lawmakers wasted their time, the session ended without any sort of sports betting at all, not even the previously legalized limited kind. The New York State Gaming Commission could potentially release regulations whenever they choose to, but there’s no projected timeline. The only information they’ve released is that they are working on it. This was released in a statement at the beginning of June – nothing has been heard since.

While brick and mortar Schenectady sportsbooks may be a long time coming, there are still options available to NY residents. Online, Offshore sportsbooks are the best sportsbooks in Schenectady, New York because they are the only ones able to operate right now. Offshore sportsbooks are actually based in different countries, countries where sports betting has been legalized for decades. These sportsbooks accept New York residents, which essentially makes them the best in any city. For the purposes of this page, they are now Schenectady’s best sportsbooks.

Online, offshore sportsbooks are legal, safe alternatives for residents to use while they wait for land-based books to open. Because they can be taken with you wherever you go – like a restaurant, movie, or even a football game – an online sportsbook is really the best sportsbook in Schenectady, NY. The mobility allows you true freedom without the hassle of being tied down to one specific venue, while its offshore status makes it completely legal. There’s really no downside.

Legal Gambling Age In Schenectady, New York

The legal gambling age in Schenectady, New York depends on what gambling activity you’re trying to take part in. Sports betting, for example, would more than likely take place at casinos, which would mean you would have to be at least 21 years of age or older to bet on sports in Schenectady Sportsbooks. Other activities that take place outside of casinos, like lottery and bingo, only require you be 18. Online, offshore sportsbooks that cater to NY residents will want you to adhere to your local age requirements, as you could lose all of your winnings if you were to be caught gambling underage.

Best Sportsbooks in Schenectady

When it comes to the land-based sportsbooks in Schenectady, the best one is also the only one currently able to open. But don’t let the limited choices in the surrounding area get you twisted – this Schenectady sportsbook is housed in a premier New York Casino – in fact, it is housed in the Rivers Casino and Resort, a 5-star venue with the absolute best of everything. So no matter if there were two or ten or twenty land-based sportsbooks in Schenectady, this Rivers Casino Sportsbook would definitely be the best sportsbook in Schenectady, New York.

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Review

Rivers Casino & Resort

Rivers Casino & ResortThe Schenectady sportsbook may have a different name when it finally does open, something more along the lines of Rivers Casino Sportsbook or the Rivers Sportsbook at Schenectady. That is because a Schenectady Sportsbook would be operated out of the Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady, as per the 2013 state law. The Rivers Company that owns this casino also owns casinos all along the East Coast. With such widespread success, you know that any sports betting operation coming out of here is going to be top notch.

When the Rivers Casino Sportsbook in Schenectady opens, we have every reason to believe that it will offer full-service betting. This means that they will be able to cover both professional and collegiate games, in addition to popular international events like the Olympics or the World Cup. A sportsbook in Schenectady would never be limited to just covering in-state teams or events. You’ll find lines for every game or match you’re looking for at the best sportsbook in Schenectady, NY.

Full-service betting isn’t anything without varied wager types and betting limits. We expect that there will be all of the classic betting types like gamelines, parlays, props, and futures, in addition to more exotic wagering options like round robins, pleasers, teasers, and alternative lines. Rivers Casino Sportsbook should also provide a range of betting limits from low to high so that everyone feels comfortable with their betting options.

You might be wondering how we can speculate what this Schenectady Sportsbook will have without any proof. Our answer is that there is proof – just look at everything their casino has to offer. Over 1,100 slot machines, 60 live table games, and a private poker room with monthly promotions and tournaments. You’ll find complimentary water, coffee, and fountain beverages on the casino floor while you’re gaming, and weekly drawings for free plays and cash prizes. This truly will be the home of the best sports betting in New York in Schenectady.

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