How To Bet On The New York Jets

Bet On The New York Jets

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! Those familiar with the NFL know this phrase well, as it is regularly echoed throughout MetLife Stadium, where the Jets play. The New York Jets have a huge following and are one of the most popular teams in the league. Here, you will find out about what betting lines are available for the Jets, as well as how to make those wagers. But it's not just about getting the info on Jets lines; we also provide you with a number of great online sportsbooks for players in New York, where you can safely and legally bet on the Jets’ contests (or any other NFL team's games).

Indeed, there are no shortages of New York Jets betting lines when you go with the best bookmakers in the business, and by joining multiple of these award-winning, long-running services, you can wager on Gang Green no matter where in America you actually live.

Best Sites For Wagering On Jets Games

There are numerous places to wager on the Jets and other NFL teams. Below, we have our best sites that allow sports betting in New York and around the United States. We have used these sports betting sites with our own money, and found them to offer all the NFL betting lines you'd expect to find in Vegas plus sportsbook bonuses and more.

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Betting on the New York Jets

Jets Spread - The spread will set the Jets in the role of the favorite, in which they would have to give points, or in the role of the underdog in which they would receive points. The bet is then made on the Jets covering the spread as either the dog or the favorite. For example, let’s say the Jets are playing the Bills, and the line at your sportsbook says the following:

  • Buffalo Bills +6.5 (-110) at New York Jets -6.5 (-110)

In this contest, the Bills are 6.5-point underdogs while the Jets are 6.5-point favorites. If you wager on the Bills, Buffalo can lose by up to 6 points and still win the bet. Conversely, if you wager on the Jets, New York has to win by at least 7 points or else you lose the bet.

Both teams here carry a -110 moneyline, which shows the cost ratio for the wager. A moneyline of -110, which is standard at most books, shows that you have to wager $110 in order to win $100. These aren’t wager minimums, they just show the risk vs. reward of the bet. Most books will let you wager for as little as $0.50.

Jets Straight Up - Unlike the spread, the moneyline is where the bet is made on the Jets winning the game outright, with no handicapping in the equation. With straight betting, you just pick which team you think will win, and the moneyline will show you how much you stand to gain for a winning wager. A straight up bet on the New York Jets might look something like this:

  • New York Jets +275 at New England Patriots -330

Here, if you pick the Jets to win, you will be paid out a rate of $275 for every $100 wagered. If you pick the Pats, you’ll have to risk $330 to win $100. Again, these are not wager minimums, they merely indicate the ratio of risk to reward.

Jets Over/Under Point Total - The game total is the final offering on your basic Jets wager lines. This combines New York's point total with their opponent’s. Your sportsbook will pick a number, and you will choose whether the final total score will be higher or lower than that total.

  • Miami Dolphins at New York Jets O/U 42.5 (-110)

Here, you simply pick whether you think both teams’ final scores will combine to be higher (“over”) or lower (“under”) than 42.5 points. If, say, the final score is 23-21, then that adds up to 44 points, so the “over” would win. If the score is 21-10, however, the game’s 31 total points means that the “under” wager would win.

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New York Jets Player Prop Bets

Player prop odds for the New York Jets cover a wide range of lines and outcomes for a bunch of different players, typically on offense in a skill position. These can include defensive players too, however, though typically there are less statistical props of interest on the defensive side in football as a matter of course. One player could have several proposition betting lines relating to his performances in a single game. Let's take a look at a couple of examples.

New York Jets - Player Prop Examples

Zach Wilson Total Passing Yards vs. New England Patriots

  • Over 224.5 Total Passing Yards
  • Under 224.5 Total Passing Yards

This is a prop betting line set for Jets QB Zach Wilson’s passing yardage performance against the Patriots. If Wilson throws for 225 yards or more, then the “over” total would win. If he throws for fewer than 225 yards, then the “under” bet wins. Props are almost always going to be of the over/under wager type or the “yes/no” wager type.

Tevin Coleman Total Yards From Scrimmage vs. Miami Dolphins

  • Over 115.5 Yards (-110)
  • Under 115.5 Yards (-110)

Here, if Jets RB Le’Veon Bell racks up 116 or more yards from rushing and receiving against the Dolphins, the “over” wager wins, while if he doesn’t reach this threshold, the “under” wager wins.

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New York Jets Team Prop Bets

Here, if Jets RB Tevin Coleman racks up 116 or more yards from rushing and receiving against the Dolphins, the “over” wager wins, while if he doesn’t reach this threshold, the “under” wager wins.

New York Jets - Team Prop Examples

New York Jets Total Offensive TDs vs. Miami Dolphins

  • Over 2.5 Touchdowns
  • Under 2.5 Touchdowns

This is a Jets team prop dealing only with the total number of touchdowns that Gang Green will score on offense against the Dolphins. This is the only aspect of the game that would be important for any player that bets on this line. No matter the final score, if the Jets score 3 or more offensive TDs against the Fish, then the “over” wager wins. Anything less than 3 TDs, and the "under" wins this proposition.

Live Betting On New York Jets Games

Live betting is definitely one of the fun new ways to bets on the Jets. Many online sportsbooks are beginning to offer live NFL betting. When you go to bet live on Jets games, there will be a variety of options available to you. This includes different prop lines, such as team, player and game lines. In addition, there are alternate game lines that are available, and these change in real-time to reflect the ebb and flow of the game in question. Live betting keeps the action fast-paced, and if you really get a feel for the game, there is a lot of money to be made.

Other Ways To Wager On The New York Jets

One way to bet on the Jets which we haven't gotten into yet are a perennial favorite among bettors. These are futures wagers. Futures bets include betting on Jets Super Bowl odds, their odds to win the AFC Championship, and their odds to win the division. Futures wagers are very popular because they offer some of the largest profit margins of any betting line which we have discussed, earning very large payouts depending on how much is wagered. They are good bets to make for beginners, as they are straightforward and easy to understand. Not to mention, betting on the Jets to win the Super Bowl is really fun for bragging rights, especially if you end up being right and making a ton of money from your prediction!

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