MLB Betting Sites In New York

MLB Betting Sites In New YorkWith two massively popular and historic Major League Baseball teams representing the Empire State, the MLB betting sites in New York are always getting action. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America, and no team is more popular than the New York Yankees, albeit the Mets are right behind them. MLB wagering is especially desirable amongst sports bettors that want to win big. There are 162 games for each of the 30 teams in the league, which equates to 2,430 games in the regular MLB season. That’s more than 2,000 opportunities to bet and make money, not to mention the hundreds of wagering options that you will have per game!

Betting on MLB action is also more exciting than betting on other sports because there are bet types that are exclusive to baseball. Online sportsbooks make sure to provide New Yorkers with all of the MLB betting options that are available, such as live and mobile wagering, too.

The best New York MLB betting sites are accepting new players each day, and there’s no better time than now to join. Betting on MLB online offers many advantages, such as sportsbook bonuses and the convenience of betting from wherever you choose (whether you’re inside or outside of the Empire State). Read on to learn more about what these online sportsbooks have to offer, plus get details on the legality of MLB betting sites in New York.

Best Sites For Betting On MLB In New York

The best MLB betting sites in New York are those that post the latest MLB betting odds on every game throughout the season. All types of MLB wager types should be offered, and there should be big bonuses to give you more chances to win big. The online sportsbooks that accept NY residents for MLB betting include XBet, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie, among others (though these four are easily the most popular amongst avid New York sports bettors).

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Are MLB Betting Sites Legal In New York?

MLB betting sites are legal in New York and are the only option for betting on games without having to leave the state. There are no federal sports betting laws that ban using offshore online sportsbooks, and legitimate MLB betting sites like BetOnline, SportsBetting, MyBookie, and others all accept sports bettors from New York. You can use any of the top MLB betting sites in New York to legally wager on the Yankees, Mets, or any other team – even those carpetbagging, turncoat Giants and Dodgers out on the West Coast!

MLB Wager Types

There are a few MLB wager types that you should become familiar with, some of which are unique to baseball betting. MLB sports bettors have more games to bet on during a season than the average bettor, which is why having a careful understanding of all your MLB betting options is advantageous. All of the best MLB betting sites in New York offer the same wagering options, so once you have these down pat, you will have no problem betting at multiple MLB sportsbooks.


If you are familiar with point spreads, runlines work in the same way. The oddsmaker will assign a line of 1.5 runs to every game. Unlike spreads in other sports, MLB runlines – like NHL puck lines – are almost always set at 1.5. The underdog team (signified by a + sign) must lose by 1 run or win the game outright to win the bet, while the favorite (signified by a - sign) must win by 2 runs or more to win the bet. In this way, bookmakers are able to attract as much action as possible while balancing the money on both sides of the wager. Runlines are typically published with moneylines of -110 for both the favorite and the underdog.

Straight Moneyline

Straight-up (aka straight moneyline) betting is the most popular way to bet on MLB action. Betting on the moneyline is just a wager on the team that will win the game, without having to worry about the runline or total or any other handicapping attributes. When betting on favorites, you will have to risk more initially since they are already expected to win, while underdog bets pay out greater amounts the less favored a team is to win. Here’s an example:

  • New York Yankees (-140) at Detroit Tigers (+185)

Here, a $140 bet on the favored Yanks to win will net $100 in winnings, while a $100 wager on the Tigers to win will earn you $185. The bigger the favorite, the smaller the payout, while the bigger the underdog, the bigger the payout. (With moneyline betting, the favorite will always have a negative moneyline, and the underdog will almost always have a positive moneyline. The negative number shows how much you must wager in order to win $100, while the positive number shows how much you stand to win on a $100 bet. All moneylines work this way, and every wager type has an attached moneyline to show how much a give bet “costs.”)


MLB totals are also called over/under bets. The oddsmaker will set a total for the combined runs of both MLB teams. Your wager will be on whether the teams will combine to score more runs or fewer runs than the amount posted by the bookmaker. Winners and losers do not matter for totals betting, which is one reason this betting variety is so popular.

First Five Innings Odds

Another unique wager to baseball is the first five innings line. Here, you can wager on the first five innings of a ball game rather than the full nine innings. First five innings lines take the necessity out of having to factor in the bullpen in most cases. First five innings lines can be found when betting moneylines and totals, and all major offshore sportsbooks offer first five innings odds on every single game of the season.

MLB Props

MLB proposition bets are based on outcomes not related to the final score of a given game. Common MLB player props include things like how many hits a player will get or how many strikeouts a pitcher will rack up in a single game. Common MLB team props might include things like how many errors a club will commit or how many hits they’ll get over the course of a single contest.

Props can also be based on longer-term wagers. For example, you might find season-long MLB team props on how many homers the Yankees will hit on the season or how many Mets players will get selected for the All-Star Game.

MLB Futures Bets

MLB futures bets are a lot like long-term prop bets, but they’re specific to various awards and league outcomes for players and teams. For example, you can get futures odds on a given player winning the CY Young award or the AL MVP. Team futures include wagers on whether or not the Yankees will win its division, take the ALCS title, or win the World Series. With futures bets, the further out from the wager’s result that you place your bet, the more you’ll typically stand to win should your prediction come true.

Best MLB Betting Sites FAQS

What’s The Best Way To Fund My MLB Sports Betting Account?

The best way to fund your MLB sportsbook account in the US is with the Bitcoin digital currency. Bitcoin is a more reliable deposit method than a credit card because the transaction can never get declined. You can also deposit anywhere from $20 to $25,000 with Bitcoin, versus Visa which typically has limits ranging from $50 to $5,000. Some sportsbooks also charge a small percentage fee for Visa and Mastercard deposits (and larger ones for American Express), though credit cards are still a very popular funding method thanks to their convenience and accessibility.

Is Mobile MLB Betting Legal?

The best MLB betting sites in New York all offer mobile wagering for placing bets on the go. You can easily bet on MLB games using your smartphone or tablet, and nearly every type of iOS, Android, and Windows device is compatible. The same account features, MLB betting odds, and wager types that you will find on your favorite sportsbook’s desktop portal are available via your mobile device. The only difference is that you can take your sportsbook with you anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection!

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting makes betting on Major League Baseball more interactive. MLB betting sites in New York will post and update live betting odds during breaks in the game. As the action unfolds, there will be adjusted moneylines, totals, runlines, and props that you can bet on for a short period of time. Visit the Live Betting section of your preferred sportsbook come game-day to see your in-game wagering options. At all of the top MLB sportsbooks serving New York sports gamblers, mobile betting supports all live, in-game wagering as well.

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