Legal New York Super Bowl Betting

Mobile Betting On The Super Bowl In New YorkBetting on the Super Bowl in New York is easily one of the most popular sports wagering events of the year for fans in the Empire State. With New York being one of the states at the forefront of sports betting legalization, the population of sports bettors and players in the state is one of the highest in the US. With the advancements of legal betting has come the evolution of sportsbooks in the state of New York, either physically or online. Players in NY now have more legal sports betting options than ever before to bet on the big game.

Even when the odds New York Giants are long or New York Jets sportsbooks have them out of the playoff picture, New York fans still pack the books with bets on whichever two teams make it all the way to the Super Bowl. The biggest question on the minds of these fans is simply where is the best place to make a bet? This page is intended to guide anyone who has questions about finding a legal sports betting destination in New York. Specifically, we will be exploring the offerings of the international online sportsbooks that are legally available in New York. Betting on the Super Bowl can be done right at home with no fear in 2021 and this page will show you how simple it can be.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl In New York?

Betting on the Super Bowl in New York is perfectly legal as long as you head to the right sportsbook. Following the repeal of PAPSA in 2018 at a federal level, each state was granted the opportunity to draft its own laws regarding sports betting. New York was one of the first states to approve sports betting at the state level in 2013, and were able to enact that ruling following the repeal of PAPSA. Now, in 2021, NY residents have a bevy of physical sportsbooks, and online sportsbooks to choose from when it comes time to bet on the Super Bowl.

Can I Bet On The Super Bowl From My Phone?

Mobile Sports BettingSports bettors today want the ability to bet from wherever they are in the world. We as a society are inseparable from our phones and all that they provide us, so it is only natural for a sports bettor in 2021 to need the ability to bet from their device. Luckily, that is the reality apparent today with modern sports betting platforms.

New York is a bit different in that they haven’t officially regulated online sports betting yet. Certain physical sportsbooks will have designated apps, but those come with location restrictions as well as certain limits on what you can bet. The best place to bet on the Super Bowl from your phone in New York is the online international sportsbooks. These books are fully optimized for mobile devices, and do not even require the download of an app. Simply by logging onto the account from your mobile internet browser, you will be able to access the full suite of sports betting options wherever you have an internet connection.

Best Sportsbooks For New York Super Bowl Betting

Since New York has so many options, and choosing the best sportsbook for legal NY Super Bowl betting is a very important part of the process for potential sports bettors. Those looking to head to a physical sportsbook can do so at many of the casino/sportsbook locations that are found throughout upstate and lower New York. However, those looking to bet from home should explore the options available from the international New York online sportsbooks. Check out a few of our favorites for bettors in New York:

BetOnline - Streamlined Super Bowl Betting

BetOnline SportsbookIn terms of efficiency, BetOnline reigns supreme. This no-nonsense international online book has been a trusted Super Bowl betting destination for New Yorkers for years and continues to provide the same top-level service in 2021. Bettors can expect some of the easiest to understand betting lines on the market at BetOnline, and can enjoy an efficient mobile client ready to be accessed from anywhere. BetOnline is completely legal in New York and will have thousands of bets ready for the Super Bowl, or any other event.

How To Bet On The Super Bowl

Spread – Betting on the spread for the Super Bowl will be one of the more popular bets being placed across the world. The spread is a standard measure of the difference between the two teams in the Super Bowl, with likely the same betting odds for both options. The book will list a favorite and how many points that team is expected to win by, and then bettors have the opportunity to bet on if the result will cover or fail to cover that listed number.

Moneyline – One of the simplest bets in sports is the moneyline and the same goes for the Super Bowl. The moneyline bet is just a bet on which team you think will win the game, simple as that. The catch is that one team will be favored and have worse odds, while the underdog team will have a higher payout. Be sure to check the odds and decide if the moneyline is the right bet for you.

Total – The total bet deals with the total amount of points scored in the Super Bowl. The sportsbook will set a number, and bettors then have the challenge of betting on the actual score being under or over that number. It can be difficult, but it is one of the most popular ways to bet on the Super Bowl.

Other Ways To Make Money In New York Betting On The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Props – Prop betting on the Super Bowl will be yet again extremely popular and available at all the legal online sportsbooks. Super Bowl props can be some of the most outrageous bets on the market, with wagers on things like Gatorade color, National Anthem length, and commercial appearances. The international online sportsbooks provided on this site will have all of these bets and more.

Super Bowl Squares – Super Bowl squares is an extremely fun and popular party bet or office pool for the Super Bowl. Players will buy squares off a large grid that have values assigned for each number 0-9. At the end of each quarter, the player with the square that matches the last number of the score of the game for both teams wins a cash amount.

Super Bowl Contests – In addition to other popular games are the Super Bowl contests. These contests can be anything from live betting to guessing player yards to guessing halftime show outfits. Super Bowl contests are typically held in groups, with the winner receiving a portion of the buy-in. Sportsbooks even run Super Bowl betting contests to see who is the best handicapper.

Live Betting On The Super Bowl

Betting in 2021 is a real-time, fast-paced event thanks to the evolution of live betting. Live betting is the form of betting that takes place during the game, with the odds and lines adjusting and changing to match the action on the field. For the Super Bowl, live betting will once again be one of the most popular ways to bet. If a team goes down early, live betting allows you to wager on the other team to win with increased value. Taking a well-timed live bet can be the difference between a huge payout and a loss on the Super Bowl.

How To Deposit Into A Sportsbook To Bet On The Super Bowl In NY

Depositing into sportsbooks depends largely on the book. Physical and state-sponsored books will allow users to deposit via credit cards or sometimes casino chips via the sportsbook desk. When it comes to betting online, there are many more options for New York sportsbook depositing. Online sites like BetOnline allow their users to deposit with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and even offer bonuses for using these types of methods. Be sure to explore all of your payment options when choosing a book in New York.


Do New York Sportsbooks Offer Super Bowl Promotions?

Sportsbooks in New York do offer unique promotions for the Super Bowl. These promotions largely depend on a book to book basis. Some of these can be crazy, like the Del Lago sportsbook promotion that offered all you can eat food and a bucket of beers within its 300-seat sportsbook during Super Bowl LIV for just $75.

Why Are The Super Bowl Odds At Online Betting Sites Different From New York Sportsbooks?

The odds on the online sportsbooks are not weighted the same way the larger sportsbooks in New York are. If a major bettor places a million dollars on one team to win the Super Bowl in New York, those NY books are going to adjust their odds. This bet would not affect a separate book that is run internationally.

Do I Have To Claim New York Taxes After Betting On The Super Bowl?

Yes, all sports gambling winners are subject to income tax in New York state, even on the Super Bowl. This likely won’t be affecting players who aren’t up in the thousands with their bets, but it is still notable for any big whales looking to place bets.