Bovada Again Accepts New York Bettors

Bovada Again Accepts New York BettorsAfter being noticeably absent within the New York online sports betting sphere, Bovada again accepts New York bettors. This means that, for the time being, Bovada is now actively accepting customers in 46 US states. With New York residents being served by the top-ranked legal offshore sportsbook, only residents from Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Nevada are currently off-limits from receiving Bovada’s first-class services.

Exactly why Bovada neglected to serve folks in NY in the first place remains a mystery, and in old-school gambling industry need-to-know fashion, their reason for once again taking on NY customers is also being kept on the down-low. There are a number of theories floating around on the Internet gambling blogosphere, of course.

Some argue that Bovada’s lawyers are simply less concerned about legal action being taken against the company given that sports betting is nominally legal in NY already, though that’s technically been the case since 2013 when the state’s sports betting referendum was passed by the voting public.

Bovada Again Accepts New York Bettors

Other critics, analysts, and interested parties attribute Bovada’s newfound (re)entry into New York to be predicated more on increased traffic from NY residents, who by the day grow wearier and wearier of their state’s sloth-like approach to regulating and launching its own sports wagering industry. While a number of NY sports betting enthusiasts surely made the trip over the bridge to Atlantic City to wager on sports when it was legalized there, the “newness” of these trips has likely worn off over the last couple of months. After all, who wants to make a trip across the border every single time they want to bet on a football or basketball game? Remember, for most folks, sports betting is a daily endeavor, and attaching the activity to a lengthy round-trip makes online options look quite a lot more compelling. These users might have been joining other competing offshore books in higher numbers than usual, mitigating Bovada’s trepidation to get involved in the market.

A third potential factor – similar to the above – is that the house takes (aka vigorish or juice) in the New Jersey books (particularly at The Meadowlands) are so high that more and more NY bettors are finding much better deals online among Bovada’s competitors. Again, this increased attention to and traffic at legal NY sportsbooks over the Internet might have finally forced Bovada’s hand. knows that regardless of why Bovada again accepts New York bettors, the reality is that finally – after several years of neglecting the state – NY residents can have access to the number-one legal online sportsbook in the world. That’s a big win for Bovada, but it’s an even bigger win for sports bettors in the Empire State.

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