New Yorkers At Stalemate Over Online Sports Betting

New Yorkers At Stalemate Over Online Sports BettingNEW YORK - Just like a perfectly aimed field goal in a football game, New York voters are split down the middle on whether the state should legalize online gambling. The gambling would be facilitated through smartphone applications and computer servers.

The Online Gambling Poll Results

The poll was conducted by Siena College New York and an immovable object meets un-stoppable force with 44 percent of New Yorkers desiring online gambling and 44 percent against it. There was also another 12 percent that were neutral in the matter.

Looking at things from a different angle, the Upstate voters generally disliked the notion while residents in New York City or the suburbs liked the idea.

Conducted via phone interviews, the poll asked 778 registered New York voters about their stance regarding online gambling. The conversations took place between Feb. 4 and Feb. 7, 2019.

Voters Acknowledge New York Sports Gambling Reality

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a law legalizing sports betting, but only in a limited capacity. The move to online gambling would stretch that reach to the dismay or delight of New York residents.

“Voters, aware that the state is expected to soon allow sports betting at the four upstate commercial casinos, are evenly divided on broadening the sports betting law to allow for online betting,” said Don Levy, Siena College Research Institute Director.

Looking Onto The Future feels legalizing online gambling may not be right around the corner for the big apple, but legal sports gambling via in-state casinos is sure to come. The Cuomo administration may delay online betting for the next few years, however. The administration holds the conviction that making way for bets outside of its designated casinos would require making changes to the constitution.

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