New York Jets Sign Linebacker Stephone Anthony

  • Linebacker Stephone Anthony was picked up by the New York Jets after being cut by the Atlanta Falcons.
  • The Jets had a record of 4-12 in their 2018 season.
  • The New York Jets have +8000 odds of winning the Super Bowl this season.

NEW YORK – The New York Jets have just signed linebacker Stephone Anthony, 27, after suffering the loss of linebacker Avery Williamson to a season-ending ACL tear. Williamson sustained the injury in the second game of the preseason against the Atlanta Falcons. Head coach Adam Gase blames himself for losing Williamson.

“Looking back on it, hindsight is 20/20. I wish I would have gotten him out of there a series earlier. But I've talked with him and it's on me. I'm the one that has to make that call and get him out of there,” said Gase. “But we didn't and that's a shame because he was having a good camp.”

In an effort to rectify what he believes is his fault, he has chosen to sign Stephone Anthony to take Williamson’s place. SportsBettingNewYork knows these two linebackers hold drastically different records spanning almost the same amount of time. Since 2014, Williamson has had 497 tackles in his career. While Anthony has had 149 career tackles since 2015.

Anthony played with the Miami Dolphins for the last two seasons, recording 22 tackles in 24 game appearances. With the signing of Anthony came the departure of safety Santos Ramirez.

Gase has coached Anthony in the past during his time with the Dolphins. In July, he was signed to the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent and played in their preseason games only to be cut from the team three days before the Jets matchup that would take out Williamson.

Stephone Anthony will get his first action as a member of the New York Jets on Saturday in their preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are the favorite to win with odds of -155. New York has odds of +135 to come out with the W. The game starts at 7:30 pm ET on Saturday, August 24th. It will be broadcast in limited areas on the CBS network.

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